Inukshuk with Northern Lights.  Made to fit above a door!  A beautiful addition to a new home!

Made to fit over a bathroom door!  A beautiful addition to a new home!

A beautiful custom made Tea Box to match a stained glass window.

A beautiful Chickadee picture!  A gift for a special Anniversary.

A company logo made into a picture and the top of a Tea Box.  Beautiful!

A Hummingbird Picture for a 65th Birthday gift!.  Beautiful!

A Stained Glass original of Pansies for a lucky lady!

A beautilful start to a great picture!  A Chickadee by the School House for the Historical Society!
A personal Tea Box with her favorite Horse! What could be nicer than that!!
A very thoughtful and original Wedding Gift!  A wonderful addition to a new home!
A custom Stained Glass as part of the flood renovations to the Wales Theatre, High River
A gorgeous addition to the front entry of a home...2 custom Stained Glass pictures to create a landscape!
A georgeous abstract that perfectly compliments a Stained Glass purchased in Mexico!
How's this for a wonderful Retirement Gift?  A nature inspired Stained Glass... perfect for the cottage!
A precious gift for a lucky Mom!
Beautiful Lilies for a beautiful home!
A Chickadee checking them out!
Manatees!  A customer's favorite 'under the sea' critter!
Custom Frames to be used as Recognition gifts!  Each holds an 8" X 10" picture!
A beautiful "BlueJay" Stained Glass for a customer's favorite guy!
The perfect clock for a little boys room...his favorite stuffed animal!
A georgeous stained glass made especially for a "Sport Minded Lady!"


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